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  • 2009.08.21 Friday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Lenovo Super regret LV bag

LV bag recognize no glimpse, for the divine feeling of panic, they are not plain water, but a considerable shock. It was a mess of the dinner, a social elite, as usual bag is also available, no significant hill significant water, but here there is a considerable shock comrades, say that "the package to tens of thousands of" the elite of the society still very plain, "I do not know how many." The comrades would like to continue to follow-up questions, see the elite has no intention of showing off, it is water and go.

     But sometimes I am also very much gossip, the paparazzi to come up with a vicious look at this bag. But this bag is not for one reason or another, deep coffee brown background on the LV light floating around the word, much better than this, there are many in the road and bridge, and tens of thousands of pieces to buy a sack.

     However, the kind of dialogue, who asked considerable shock, was asked While silent but life is not like picking the cheapest. Not only self-confidence, denying ourselves, OK, and certainty must deny their own judgments. Of course, or the Internet, all of a sudden to find so many LV! Super-terrorist. Reading fashion look around, almost everyone above have LV! Good that things are not the most expensive on television. Moreover, Huang on television all those celebrities with the LV, not the rich!

     From a cognitive process to have a possession, I have a perception immediately after the end of the desire of possession. Very strong desire to buy, or calculate a wage sufficient to buy, so the streets in the spring have had unlimited Lenovo. . .

     Want. . . LV bag bought back, back streets, it was brush Repeated customers, but fatal immediately reminded me of mediocre quality, it is to look at the package, not to see me, maybe I should have been aware of other people very quickly, but - the back of the LV bag. I would like to change. . . See the back of a friend, just would think that buying in road and bridge, the money has been wasted. 2-for-like. . . Back to work, do not Do not Do not, I think the leadership of cattle, which in general no idea of the benefits of lower levels. Moreover, the purse will be deflated many, many, many more, is so distressed by.

     This stopped the pursuit of fashion, but still continue to Lenovo. If someone close to the case of the LV bag. . .


  • 2009.08.21 Friday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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